50x Bubble envelope Padded envelope Envelope Size I/9 320x440mm white DIN A3


50x Bubble envelope Padded envelope Envelope Size I/9 320x440mm white DIN A3

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Bubble envelopes

Secure shipping with bubble envelopes!

So you want to ship fragile goods with optimal protection? With our bubble envelopes, your shipped goods are perfectly protected. Our lightweight, tear-resistant bubble envelopes are the perfect packaging for particularly sensitive products, whereby even minor impacts could cause damage. The three sealing options (peal and seal, gummed and brass fastener) also increase the security and stability of the envelopes. These bubble envelopes are perfectly suited for the shipping and storage of documents, small devices or accessories.

What can be shipped in a bubble envelope?

Our bubble envelopes are perfectly suited for the shipping of sensitive and important documents, as well as impact-sensitive small devices or components. With these envelopes you can send products that are too large for a small box, but must nonetheless be packaged. Classic products that can be shipped in bubble envelopes include, for example, books, magazines, small components, electrical accessories and fragile objects. Our bubble envelopes are particularly resistant to tearing and punctures. The layer of bubble wrap provides the contents with optimal all-round protection.
Special purpose shipping envelopes Size D - Particularly well-suited for the shipping of DVDs, small paperback books, CDs, batteries, memory cards, small parts, product samples, cassettes and for the shipping of goods or books by post.

Shipping information

Sizes A-G (or Sizes 1-7) can be used for the shipping of samples, books and goods in the smallest packaging size class possible, and are thus the ideal packaging material for your goods shipments. Depending on size, bubble envelopes can be shipped for as little as €0.71. The shipping cost is based on the weight and size of the individual packages. Bubble envelopes are also suitable for international shipping. In particular, important documents are frequently sent in bubble envelopes by recorded mail. E.g. Notices of termination, tax declaration, application documents or contracts.
Simply have a look at our comprehensive selection online and purchase reasonably priced padded envelopes today.

Techincal details

Artikelnummer: 10001901

technical Details

material coated paper
Adhesive seal yes
Brad closure yes
Shipment of books/goods yes

general information

colour white
Type bubble envelopes


Length (mm) 455 mm
Format I/9
DIN Format DIN A3
Width (mm) 320 mm
measurements internal 300 x 430 mm


quantity 50


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50x Bubble envelope Padded envelope Envelope Size I/9 320x440mm white DIN A3
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